The ideal screen mat for the recycling process

Separating recycling products with polyurethane screen mats

In our case recycling means reprocessing of glass, ceramic, construction waste as well as residues from waste incineration.

Challenges in the recycling process

Especially when processing waste glass there is one difficulty: The sharp edges increase the wear-off of the machines in use. Consequently, screen mats have to be changed often. Thereby the production costs rise and the effectiveness of your processes decreases.

Efficient recycling with polymesh®

polymesh® provides the perfect solution against abrasion: screen mats made of wear-proof polyurethane! The polypanel® offers the additional advantages of a very high throughput capacity and improved downtimes that both increase the productivity of your recycling processes.

Our polypanel® is a cost-effective polyurethane screen mat which withstands the sharp edges of waste glass.

Suitable products?