polyurethane screen mesh

The abrasion-resistant and cost-efficient polymesh® screen meshes combine durability with maximum precision. They are perfectly suitably for screening fine, abrasive or wet materials. Learn more!

screening panels

polypanel® polyurethane sieves achieve an excellent screening efficiency with a maximum throughput capacity. They are also easy to install and distinguish themselves by a high durability. Convince yourself!

Polyurethane Screening Media

Increase the efficiency of your screening machine in no time. With its large open screen area the elastic polymesh® screening media made of high-quality polyurethane achieve a very high throughput capacity and level of separation precision. Furthermore, it is especially wear resistant and are therefore perfectly suited for screening abrasive and sticky materials. You save an enormous amount of time and costs as the production does not have to stand still for constant changing of the screening media.

Our screening media is manufactured according to your particular needs and designed for long life in order to achieve the best possible results for your end product. The modular system is also extremely cost-effective as it allows to just replace the damaged screen sections instead of changing the entire screen lining. Convince yourself of the resistant and long-lasting high-quality screening media from our German production facilities and order a free sample kit now!


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