PU screen for processing ores and slags

Economic processing of ores and slags

Processing of ores

Ores consist of a combination of valuable metals and unwanted rocks. The aim of ore treatment is to separate the reusable minerals from the valueless components and thereby obtain a marketable product.

Processing of slags

During smelting in the course of the metallurgical production and processing a slag cover forms that is subsequently casted into slag beds for cooling. To reuse the included residual materials the slag needs to be processed in a treatment plant.


Both materials are crushed or milled at first. Afterwards, they are separated by grain size before being sorted according to specific physical properties (e.g. density, magnetizability, conductivity) or chemical characteristics (e.g. wettability). The high abrasiveness of the ores and slags presents a major challenge for the screening machines in use. Frequently changing the screening media increases the costs of your preparation process and thereby reduces the profitability.

The ideal solution: PU screen

The robust polypanel® modular screens withstand the high wear and are also easy to install. So save time and money and raise the productivity of your processes with the PU screen by polymesh®!

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