polyurethane screen mesh

Would you like more efficient screen meshes?

Change your steal screen decks for polymesh® tension screens that are made of high quality polyurethane and benefit from their extended service life. Our screening mats are particularly wear-resistant – also to abrasive materials – and therefore they do not need to be replaced so often. So save time and costs and increase the productivity of your screening process!

Furthermore, the polyurethane screens by polymesh® achieve a high accuracy and are therefore particularly suitable for producing small screen cuts of less than 1 mm.

The abrasion-resistant tension screens cannot only be used for initially equipping new screening machines, but also for changeover and increasing the cost efficiency of existing installations.

Especially by the higher open screen area – in comparison to traditional PU screen mats – the efficiency of wet screening processes can be enhanced to up to 200 %.

The benefits you get from using the polymesh® screen mesh:

Cost effective & highly precise

  • Significantly more robust than other materials – particularly against highly abrasive solids
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Very high accuracy
  • Easy installation
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