polyurethane screen mesh

Would you like more efficient screen meshes?

Change your steal screen decks for polymesh® tension screens that are made of high quality polyurethane and benefit from their extended service life. Our screening mats are particularly wear-resistant – also to abrasive materials – and therefore they do not need to be replaced so often. So save time and costs and increase the productivity of your screening process!

Furthermore, the polyurethane screens by polymesh® achieve a high accuracy and are therefore particularly suitable for producing small screen cuts of less than 1 mm.

The abrasion-resistant tension screens cannot only be used for initially equipping new screening machines, but also for changeover and increasing the cost efficiency of existing installations.

Polymesh® tension screens are an alternative to the Polyweb® replacement screen cloth from the American manufacturer Derrick®. They are particularly suitable for the Derrick® Stack Sizer® wet screening machine and the Rotex® Megatex™ XD screening machines.

Especially by the higher open screen area – in comparison to traditional PU screen mats – the efficiency of wet screening processes can be enhanced to up to 200 %.

The benefits you get from using the polymesh® screen mesh:

Cost effective & highly precise

  • Significantly more robust than other materials – particularly against highly abrasive solids
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Very high accuracy
  • Easy installation
Mesh width [mm] Mesh length [mm] Open screen area
3,5 0,20 15,5 %
3,5 0,25 18,3 %
3,5 0,31 22,0 %
3,5 0,40 26,0 %
3,5 0,43 27,5 %
3,5 0,50 29,8 %
3,5 0,63 33,3 %
3,5 0,80 34,6 %
3,5 1,00 37,1 %
3,5 1,25 40,8 %
3,5 1,40 42,7 %
3,5 1,50 43,8 %


Measurements clamping range

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