Polyurethane screen for processing potash

Efficient processing of potash with resistant polyurethane screens

The combination of different salt minerals with a high potassium content is mostly processed into mineral fertilizers. The highly purified potassium chloride (also called industrial potash) is as well used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Challenges of processing potash

The salt brine is extremely aggressive and has a corrosive effect on various materials such as steel, causing wear-off of your machines. A frequent change of the screening media decreases the effectiveness and rises the costs of your process.

Simple processing of potash with the polymesh® polyurethane screen

The polypanel® offers a very high throughput capacity as well as improved downtimes and thereby increases the productivity of your production processes. Our polymesh® is a cost-saving solution for particularly fine screen cuts. Furthermore, polyurethane is wear-resistant also concerning aggressive materials like potash.

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