Urethane screens for processing salts

Process salt efficiently

Salt is mostly understood to mean sodium chloride (NaCl) which is table salt. But salts are generally crystalline solids consisting of chemical compounds of positively and negatively charged ions – the so-called cations and anions. These include inorganic salts (e.g. calcium chloride) as well as organic salts (e.g. acetates).

Challenges of processing salts

Salt is hygroscopic, it binds moisture and agglutinates. Untreated sea salt has a residual moisture content of up to 5 % H20. Furthermore, salts have a particularly corrosive effect and damage screening media made of steel. Whereas urethane screens do not need to be changed often.

Easy salt processing with polymesh® urethane screens

The polypanel® modular screen convinces with its high screen capacity and improved downtimes. Perfectly suited for the wet processing of clumping products is our cost-effective polymesh® tension screen. The main advantage of using urethane screens: They are wear-proof and do not need to be changed often. Thus, you increase the productivity and decrease the expenses of your salt processing plant.

Suitable products?