polyurethan abrasion protection

polyhyde abrasion protection

If you are processing abrasive bulk materials such gravel, sand, glas, oreas and slags or if you are screening corrosive salts (e.g. potash), then you surely know the following problem: Due to extremely high abrasion and excessive wear the machines are standing still, because plant components have to be replaced or must be cleaned. But expensive production breakdowns can be avoided by counting on our cost-efficient abrasion protection.

Our polyhyde consists of an internal expanded metal that is coated by highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of either 80 or 90 Shore. This proven material convinces with its resistance to abrasive and corrosive materials and its sound-absorbing effect.

When do you extend the service life of your machines and change?

Features of the polyhyde abrasion protection:

  • Standard size: 2000 x 1000 mm (78.74 x 39.37 inches)
  • Thickness: 8 mm/ 0.04 inches (80 oder 90 Shore)
  • Heat resistance: up to 80°C (176°F)
  • Color: Green
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